Business templates and tools

Financial management tools

Cash flow forcast (1 sheet xlsx 339 KB)
Use the cash flow forecast template to help you anticipate the movement of cash in and out of your business, such as your projected income and expenses.

Sales forecast (2 sheet xlsx 120 KB)
If you’re a new business owner, you can use the sales forecast template to estimate your sales based on market research and industry benchmarks. If you’re already in business, you take into account previous sales data to help you estimate your future sales.

Breakeven analysis calculator (1 sheet xlsx 333 KB)
Use this calculator to help you understand the breakeven point for your business: the point at which total revenue equals total costs and expenses. Knowing this can help you determine the profitability of your products or services and the volume of sales required to make a profit.

Operating expenses forecast calculator (1 sheet xlsx 92 KB)
There are a number of everyday operating expenses involved with running a business. Use this template to forecast the expenses (fixed costs), such as rent, bank fees and wages, to run your business.

Initial start-up costs calculator (4 sheet xlsx 334 KB)
The start-up costs calculator will help you work out the costs involved in starting and running your business.


Business planning templates

Business plan (28 page docx 265 KB)
Having a well prepared business plan before starting your business can help you refine your idea, gain a deeper understanding of your market and have a clear direction for your business.


Marketing templates and guides

Marketing plan template (11 page docx 50 KB)
Spreading the word about your business and attracting customers is important for any successful business. This marketing plan template will help you determine how to get your business noticed by the people who need or want your product.


Debt recovery and complaint templates and guides

Letter of complaint (1 page docx 14 KB)
If you’re having problems with a product of service provider, use our letter of complaint template to let the supplier know about the issue and provide them with an opportunity to resolve the problem.

Letter of demand (1 page docx 17 KB)
Writing a letter of demand is an important first step in trying to recover money owed to you. By using our template, you can save money by writing your own a letter of demand without the aid of a lawyer.